Senja is the second largest island in Norway (not include Svalbard), with the area of 1586 square kilometers and the population of about 8000 people. Senja is called Norway in miniature because it has awesome mix of ocean, mountains, fjords, beaches, forest and fishing villages, and all within a few hours of driving.
The Tungeneset in Senja Island lies on the tip of the promontory that separates the two fjords – Steinsfjord and Ersfjord. Fjords are long, narrow inlets of water that are typically found in mountainous regions, and they are one of Norway’s most iconic natural features. The word “fjord” actually comes from the Norwegian language, and it means “where one fares through” or “a narrow waterway between high cliffs.” This reflects the long history of fjords in Norway, where they have been used as transportation routes for centuries, providing a way for people to travel through the rugged mountain terrain of Norway’s coast.