This set of images was taken in Gourdin Island in Antarctica during our Antarctica expedition in January 2020. Let’s talk about penguin’s poops today! Watching penguins is not as romantic as you thought, because most of them are not living in the icy area, they like to live in the rocky shore, and you often see them around the pink or brown muddy ground, it is not mud, but their poops! Penguin’s poops are significant for their life and for scientific research. First, Gentoo penguins in this image often use their poops to melt the snow in their breeding grounds. Second, their poops reflects what they ate, the pink or brown poops are from the carotenoids in the carapace or shell of krill. Third, penguin’s colonies can be located by looking for brown patches of penguin poops on satellite images. OK, enough poop story for today!