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  • 10% discount for products in Stetinden Camera Store。
  • One 1hr online class per month.
  • Photo tips videos or articles: you will receive at least an article or a video exclusively for Patron each month.
  • Photo critiques: every Patron can submit up to 3 images for critiques, in the form of article or video. Depend on the number of submission, about 10 images will be selected for critiques each month.
  • Online forum: submit your questions in the Patron-only forum and I will answer them or discuss with you.
  • One PSD file of selected image, with all the editing and layer information for post-processing self-study.



  • 在Stetinden Photo摄影器材店享有10%打折。
  • 网上课程:每个月1小时,以直播方式和大家交流。
  • 摄影教学文章或视频:每个月至少1次。
  • 后期学习:每个月1张我的精选作品的Photoshop (PSD)文件,让你们完整看到我后期处理的全部流程和细节。
  • 作品点评:会员可以每个月交3幅作品,每个月从会员中选出合适作品来做点评。
  • 会员论坛:会员随时提出摄影上的问题,我会在论坛上解答。

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