Virginia, USA –

I have been photo shooting for some years, and thought I was a good photographer until the trip to Iceland with Dr. Kah-Wai Lin in Aug 2017. At the beginning I thought I just needed someone to lead me to places that I can’t go by myself and start shooting pictures like I used to. But it turned out the workshop is way beyond just a tour guide. I have learned great amount from photographic techniques, lighting, composition, to post processing skills. The workshop has changed my view about photography and sharpened my skills in both photo shooting and post shooting processing. Now that I look at the pictures I took before and immediately realized how plain they are. Through the workshop and through Dr. Lin’s guidance, I start shooting from viewer’s eyes not just mine, and trying to express certain feelings through photography. It’s probably the most precious thing I have brought back from the trip other than some wonderful pictures!

Beyond the professional photographic guidance, the trip had been wonderful. It was well arranged to target photographer’ interest by going to the right places at the right time! Dr. Lin is not only a very talented photographer, but also very warm-hearted and patient with us. He lent his equipment to us unselfishly. I have forgotten my mid-range lens, and had been using his whenever needed. My tripod was too light to bare the wind in Iceland. Dr. Lin had unselfishly lent me his heavy duty tripod to make sure I had good experience during the trip.

I am definitely going to attend more of his future workshops, and would definitely recommend his workshops to other photographers, new or experienced!