Kah-Wai Lin Photography

New Jersey, USA –

I have heard of people talking about life-changing experience. I always thought that was just a type of exaggerating expression. I had never dreamed that one day it could happen to me until I joined Kah-Wai Lin’s photography workshop in Iceland. The trip was so carefully planned with the best local guide, luxury transportation and fantastic sites selection. Everyday we went to amazing places with some rural places that only allow private vehicles, so our photo shootings were never disturbed by other tourists.

Twelve days in Iceland were like a fairyland dream that was forever remembered in more than two thousand beautiful photos admired by my friends! Unlike most of my teammates, I was close to ignorant in photography before going on this trip. I still vividly remember that I crashed the most important 6 stop filter while trying to put it on for the first time on the first day of the trip.

Kah-Wai lent me his for the rest of the trip and taught me everything from changing camera settings, finding the right composition, manipulating exposure time to get different artistic effects and afterwards photo processing. He is truly a master! His works are always breathtaking and awesome! As a young and talented photography master, he has a big heart and is willing to teach everyone without holding anything back. He is also warm hearted, considerate, patient, responsible and reliable.

This trip changed my life completely! In stead of sleeping in, now I enjoy morning run while hearing chirping birds and gurgling streams, seeing beautiful sunrise and dews of flowers. I become so happy everyday even when I am working. All of the things that surround me become more vivid and full of life. It is like I have a pair of new eyes in me, that see the world now in colors, lines, patterns and all interesting compositions. This kind of happiness is beyond anything I can describe! You would need to join one of Kah-Wai’s workshops to find out yourself!