New Jersey, USA –

Two years ago, I started getting interesting in photography two years ago under influence of one of my best friend. Since I had no any background and experience on digital camera photography at all, I decided to register a fundamental digital photography on line course at New York Institute of Photography at summer of 2015. After two years study by myself and completed the different topic of photography assignments, I graduated with certificate on time. I did learn a great deal of digital photography theory during this course. But I don’t have a lot of time and experience to practice photo taking on the field . I still feel difficult to remember all functionality of my camera and skillfully use camera. I am very luck to know Dr Lin from the Photographic Society of New Jersey and attended a few lectures he gave there. He has such great reputation at the people who know him not only as professional photographer as well a great human being. I decide to join his 2017 Iceland photographer workshop on August. This is workshop is excellent and unforgettable experience for me. I learn a far more from what I expected. Dr Lin is a great group leader, manager and friend. The schedule is well arranged. I can’t ask any better than this. He help me and others a great deal from our basic camera question to how to make your photos beautiful meaningful and impressive. I brought back a lot of good pictures. Dr Lin is also a very hard working man. During the trip, any time we have a little free time at hotel either in morning or evening, he will always teach us as small group of photo shop knowledge . This is beyond my expectation to learn this trip. I am very happy because this is another my weakness. I have to say that Dr Lin is not only a professional photographer as the current vice president of the Photographic Society of America, the most valuable for me is that he is a very kind, modest and patient teacher . My reward from this trip is not what I can learn from reading a few books because Photography is also a practical art. I am strongly recommend Dr Lin’s photography workshops which fit all levels of amateur photographers. I will try to attend his workshop at least once a year if my work and family situation are allowed. I have already registered one of his northern light workshop on Jan 2018 at Norway and Sweden and looking forward to go with him again.