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Kah-Wai Lin




Filters have been indispensable tools for photographers since the film era. Even today with the advanced camera technology and post-processing software, filters are still irreplaceable and contribute to the creative process, especially long exposure photography. This course is not just the fundamental knowledge about filters, but also my experience on how to use them creatively to produce outstanding images. I will talk about the basic of commonly use filters in landscape photography, what we need, why they are important, and how to use them rationally and creatively. Then, I will discuss about various subjects in long exposure photography, with the focus on grand landscape, waterscape, seascape, and impressionist photography. They are not just the technical talks, but my experience gained in the fields in past many years.


Familiar with camera basic, like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Wide angle lens is recommended but not required. NiSi square filter system is strongly recommended but can be square filter system from other brands.

Session 1

Basic of filters in landscape photography (1.5 hours)
· How to choose the filters, what to buy for landscape photography.
· How to use the square filter system and how to avoid the common mistakes.
· Polarizer: when to or not to use polarizer, how to use polarizer in landscape photography.
· Graduated ND filters: how to manage contrast, how to measure the contrast.
· ND filters: when to use ND filters, how to calculate the exposure time.

Session 2

Long Exposure in Grand Landscape and Impressionist Photography (1.5 hours)
· Why to use long exposure in landscape photography.
· Creating dynamic grand landscape using long exposure.
· How to create impressionist photography using long exposure.

Session 3

Long Exposure in Waterscape and Seascape (1.5 hours)
· How to photograph waterscape, e.g. rivers, waterfalls, lakes, using long exposure.
· How to plan for seascape photography, how to photograph wave using long exposure.

Bonus Session

You will have 1 hour of critique session, and you are allowed to submit up to 5 images for critique.