Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Maryland, USA –

My husband and I joined Dr. Kah-Wai Lin’s Lofoten Winter Aurora Photography Workshop in February 2017. That was one of the best time in our life. Winter of Lofoten is photographer’s dream place. We have been fascinated by Lofoten’s dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched lands, small red houses, and of cause, the exciting aurora. Dr. Kah-Wai Lin is the best photograph workshop leader so far we have met. He is a well experienced photographic guide in Lofoten Norway. During the workshop, Dr. Kah-Wai Lin taught us framing, angle of views, using filters and long exposure, night time shooting, especially aurora shooting, etc. He offered post-process lectures during the workshop. He is the most patient instructor and the most take care of tour guide. Join Dr. Kah-Wai Lin’s workshop, you will have never forgotten memory and wonderful pictures! Thanks Dr. Kah-Wai Lin! See you again soon!