Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Walt Varan & Janet Varan – USA

My wife, Janet, and I were very pleased with our experience with Kah-Wah Lin’s photographic tour in Iceland. Kah-Wai was ever present with photography suggestions and tips to help us make our adventure a comfortable and rewarding experience. Love the complements I am still getting whenever I show my gorgeous pictures. Thank you again, Kah-Wai!

Dr. Joyce Ma – USA

I have heard of people talking about life-changing experience. I always thought that was just a type of exaggerating expression. I had never dreamed that one day it could happen to me until I joined Kah-Wai Lin’s photography workshop in Iceland. The trip was so carefully planned with the best local guide, luxury transportation and fantastic sites selection. Everyday we went to amazing places with some rural places that only allow private vehicles, so our photo shootings were never disturbed by other tourists. Twelve days in Iceland were like a fairyland dream that was forever remembered in more than two thousand beautiful photos admired by my friends! Unlike most of my teammates, I was close to ignorant in photography before going on this trip. I still vividly remember that I crashed the most important 6 stop filter while trying to put it on for the first time on the first day of the trip. Kah-Wai lent me his for the rest of the trip and taught me everything from changing camera settings, finding the right composition, manipulating exposure time to get different artistic effects and afterwards photo processing. He is truly a master! His works are always breathtaking and awesome! As a young and talented photography master, he has a big heart and is willing to teach everyone without holding anything back. He is also warm hearted, considerate, patient, responsible and reliable. This trip changed my life completely! Instead of sleeping in, now I enjoy morning run while hearing chirping birds and gurgling streams, seeing beautiful sunrise and dews of flowers. I become so happy everyday even when I am working. All of the things that surround me become more vivid and full of life.  It is like I have a pair of new eyes in me, that see the world now in colors, lines, patterns and all interesting compositions. This kind of happiness is beyond anything I can describe! You would need to join one of Kah-Wai’s workshops to find out yourself!

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Eunice Wilkinson – USA

Regarding the Iceland Photography Workshop: This tour was well worth enduring Iceland’s chilly March weather. Kah-Wai offered a small group and ample hands-on instruction – all done with good humor and camaraderie. Combined with the workshop lectures, it was an ideal opportunity to see Iceland’s beautiful landscape and to acquire new DSLR skills, especially using filters and long exposure techniques. Hotels were comfortable and accommodations were made for my multiple food allergies. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and came home more knowledgeable about my camera.  And of course, some very special pictures. PS: Would you believe that I’ve been too busy to process my photos. Looks like they’re going to wait until after the summer. Thanks again for the Photoshop info.

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Michael Choong & Emily Ng – Malaysia

I joined Kah-Wai’s Iceland Winter Workshop with my wife, Emily. This is one of the best photo workshop we’ve ever had – extremely well organized, excellent transportation and guidance, useful hands-on and lecture instruction. The workshop has allowed us to improve our landscape photographic skills in a stunning and challenging environment. We would definitely repeat a tour with Kah-Wai.

Hussain Nalwala & Nafisi Nalwala – Dubai

I am happy to inform you that my wife and I had a wonderful time during our trip to Iceland to see the midnight sun. We enjoyed the company of Kah-Wai Lin, he was a great help in our photography.

Dr. Juanli Guo – USA

I have been photo shooting for some years, and thought I was a good photographer until the trip to Iceland with Dr. Kah-Wai Lin in Aug 2017. At the beginning I thought I just needed someone to lead me to places that I can’t go by myself and start shooting pictures like I used to. But it turned out the workshop is way beyond just a tour guide. I have learned great amount from photographic techniques, lighting, composition, to post processing skills. The workshop has changed my view about photography and sharpened my skills in both photo shooting and post shooting processing. Now that I look at the pictures I took before and immediately realized how plain they are. Through the workshop and through Dr. Lin’s guidance, I start shooting from viewer’s eyes not just mine, and trying to express certain feelings through photography.  It’s probably the most precious thing I have brought back from the trip other than some wonderful pictures! Beyond the professional photographic guidance, the trip had been wonderful. It was well arranged to target photographer’ interest by going to the right places at the right time!  Dr. Lin is not only a very talented photographer, but also very warm-hearted and patient with us. He lent his equipment to us unselfishly. I have forgotten my mid-range lens, and had been using his whenever needed. My tripod was too light to bare the wind in Iceland. Dr. Lin had unselfishly lent me his heavy duty tripod to make sure I had good experience during the trip. I am definitely going to attend more of his future workshops, and would definitely recommend his workshops to other photographers, new or experienced!

Dr. Heng Jiang – USA

Two years ago, I started getting interesting in photography two years ago under influence of one of my best friend. Since I had no any background and experience on digital camera photography at all, I decided to register a fundamental digital photography on line course at New York Institute of Photography at summer of 2015. After two years study by myself and completed the different topic of photography assignments, I graduated with certificate on time. I did learn a great deal of digital photography theory during this course. But I don’t have a lot of time and experience to practice photo taking on the field . I still feel difficult to remember all functionality of my camera and skillfully use camera. I am very luck to know Dr Lin from the Photographic Society of New Jersey and attended a few lectures he gave there. He has such great reputation at the people who know him not only as professional photographer as well a great human being. I decide to join his 2017 Iceland photographer workshop on August. This is workshop is excellent and unforgettable experience for me. I learn a far more from what I expected. Dr Lin is a great group leader, manager and friend. The schedule is well arranged. I can’t ask any better than this. He help me and others a great deal from our basic camera question to how to make your photos beautiful meaningful and impressive. I brought back a lot of good pictures. Dr Lin is also a very hard working man. During the trip, any time we have a little free time at hotel either in morning or evening, he will always teach us as small group of photo shop knowledge . This is beyond my expectation to learn this trip. I am very happy because this is another my weakness. I have to say that Dr Lin is not only a professional photographer as the current vice president of the Photographic Society of America,  the most valuable for me is that he is a very kind, modest and  patient teacher . My reward from this trip is not what I can learn from reading a few books because Photography is also a practical art. I am strongly recommend Dr Lin’s photography workshops which fit all levels of amateur photographers. I will try to attend his workshop at least once a year if my work and family situation are allowed. I have already registered one of his northern light workshop on Jan 2018 at Norway and Sweden and looking forward to go with him again.

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Michael Chen – Canada

I was pleased to join Kah-Wai Lin’s Lofoten Aurora Photography Workshop in March 2017. It was an amazing trip. We were so lucky to have 5 nights dancing with fantastic aurora show. Some nights we even worked from 7:30pm to 3:00am tracing different aurora. Kah-Wai looked after us very well, gave us useful information both on shooting and post processing. He was flexible and tried his best to satisfy everyone’s requirement. This is one of the best photography workshops.