25 September – 9 October 2024
(15 days 14 nights)

US$10799 (double room)
US$960 extra (single room)

Embark on an extraordinary visual odyssey with our Madagascar photo workshop, where your lens will capture the essence of a captivating island brimming with natural wonders. Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar beckons photographers to explore its diverse landscapes, the iconic Avenue of the Baobabs; and discover the dance of unique wildlife, from enchanting lemurs to mesmerizing chameleons, as your camera unveils the mysteries of evolution.

Beyond its ecological marvels, Madagascar’s vibrant culture adds depth to your photographic journey. Immerse yourself in the rhythms of daily life, from bustling markets to traditional ceremonies, and capture the spirit of a welcoming people.

Guided by Ian Plant and Kah-Wai Lin, this workshop is designed to elevate your skills while maintaining an intimate group setting. Each click of your camera will etch memories of this enchanting land, where nature and culture intertwine in a visual symphony. Join us on the Madagascar photo workshop and paint your own masterpiece through the lens, as you unravel the island’s secrets one frame at a time.

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Day 1: Arrival in Antananarivo

Upon your arrival at the international terminal of Ivato International Airport (TNR), our team will extend a warm welcome. Kindly keep an eye out for a sign displaying your name once you have emerged from the restricted area, accompanied by your luggage. From there, our team will guide you seamlessly to your awaiting private transfer vehicle, which will take you comfortably to your hotel.

Day 2-5: Morondava & Kirindy

We facilitate your transfer to the domestic terminal, where you’ll catch your Tsara Dia flight. Upon arrival at Morondava, we will be waiting to welcome you at the domestic arrival hall.

One of the highlights of your journey awaits: The Baobab Alley. This remarkable feature comprises a prominent grouping of baobab trees lining the road between Morondava and Belo sur Tsiribihina in western Madagascar’s Menabe region. Drawing travelers from across the globe, this iconic landscape has earned its reputation as one of the region’s most sought-after attractions. The Avenue of the Baobabs has not only captured the hearts of visitors but has also become a focal point for local conservation endeavors. In recognition of its significance, it was bestowed temporary protected status in July 2007 by the Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests, marking the initial step towards its recognition as Madagascar’s inaugural natural monument.

Standing along a 260-meter stretch of the avenue are approximately 20-25 towering trees of the Adansonia grandidieri species, a native gem of Madagascar. An additional 20-25 trees of the same species thrive in nearby rice paddies and meadows. These baobabs, some as ancient as 800 years, are affectionately referred to as “renala” in Malagasy, signifying the “mother of the forest.” They serve as a living legacy of Madagascar’s once dense tropical forests, which have been cleared over the years for agricultural purposes. Amidst this evolution, the baobabs stood resilient, cherished for both their cultural and practical significance.

However, the Baobab Alley faces its own set of challenges. Despite its popularity, the area lacks formal protection as a national park, leaving these majestic trees vulnerable to deforestation, the impact of expanding rice paddies and sugarcane plantations, and the threat of wildfires. Remarkably, the allure of this site for tourists does not translate into significant income for the local community, as there are no visitor centers or gate fees.

Our next destination is Kirindy. Located just 60 kilometers from Morondava (2 hours’ drive), a journey into the Kirindy Reserve unveils a privately managed haven nestled within one of Madagascar’s most imperiled environments – the dry deciduous forests. Our exploration of the Kirindy Forest encompasses both diurnal and nocturnal experiences. Our path leads us to the Kirindy Reserve, a sanctuary where the Fosa, Madagascar’s largest carnivorous mammal, roams freely. Here, amidst the intricate tapestry of the dry deciduous forests, we immerse ourselves in the captivating world of Kirindy.
This unique ecosystem faces pressing threats, making it a priority for conservation efforts. Notably, Kirindy is renowned for sheltering the giant jumping rat, a remarkable inhabitant of this environment. However, its significance extends beyond a single species, as Kirindy cradles seven distinct species of lemur and a captivating array of endemic reptiles.
Delve into hours of observation and discovery as we navigate this remarkable landscape. Our dedicated time within Kirindy allows us to engage with its vibrant wildlife and unearth the secrets of its diverse flora. Prepare to be mesmerized as we tread lightly through this delicate realm, gaining insights into Madagascar’s intricate natural heritage.

On Day 5, your journey will entail a return flight to Antananarivo.

Day 6-9: Andasibe

Embarking on our expedition to the Eastern realm of the island, we depart from the bustling and vibrant city of Antananarivo. Our course leads us onto Route Nationale 2, the nation’s primary commercial thoroughfare that guides us to Madagascar’s East coast and its principal harbor. Over the span of 150 kilometers, a journey spanning 3.5 hours, we traverse diverse landscapes of the highlands. These encompass quaint traditional villages nestled on hill slopes, as well as picturesque rice fields. The road meanders through a twisty, steep, and verdant stretch, signaling our entry into a distinct region of Madagascar. Our destination is Andasibe, renowned for its National Park, which envelopes primary and secondary forests.

Peyrieras Butterfly Farm awaits our visit at Madagascar Exotic. This privately maintained reserve, also recognized as the Peyrieras Butterfly Farm, Peyrieras Nature Farm, and Mandraka Reptile Farm, occupies a small corner in Marozevo. Situated on National Road N2, 75 kilometers (47 miles) east of Antananarivo, between the locales of Manjakandriana and Moramanga, it was established and is owned by the French entomologist and naturalist André Peyriéras. Hence, it is also referred to as the Reserve Peyrieras. Among its inhabitants are a multitude of creatures, including reptiles such as chameleons, iguanas, geckos, and frogs; Batraciens (Bats); crocodiles; and butterflies. The contiguous forest area accommodates families of relocated and acclimated Verreaux’s Sifaka and Common brown lemurs, affording opportunities for close-up photography during feeding times.

Our journey also encompasses the Analamazaotra special reserve, a site of significance for observation. To ensure optimal viewing conditions, we depart from our hotel around 7:30 am, reaching the reserve’s entrance. Here, we aim to encounter the grandest lemur of them all, the famed “Indri Indri,” endemic to this location and an emblem of the region. A leisurely 2 to 3-hour hike introduces us to groups of Indri Indri, while also unveiling other lemur species, avian wonders, chameleons, and a wealth of endemic flora, including orchids and medicinal plants.

Within the expansive grounds of Vakona Reserve, an island embraced by freshwater, a mosaic of lemur species resides: common brown lemurs, bamboo lemurs, ruffed lemurs, and diademed sifakas. This presents an extraordinary chance to engage with these primates up close, resulting in remarkable photo opportunities and cherished souvenirs. The property’s lakes harbor numerous crocodiles, remnants of a past farming endeavor.

As the night descends, we prepare our headlamps and flashlights for a nocturnal foray into the VOIMMA Reserve. Established by Andasibe villagers in 2012, this reserve emerged as an independent sanctuary adjacent to the neighboring government-led national park. Local residents reclaimed control over their land, becoming active participants in the realm of ecotourism. For enthusiasts of reptiles and amphibians, the reserve’s crystal-clear river teems with an array of frogs, including Boophis pyrrhus, Boophis viridis, and madagascariensis. The forest also hosts a captivating assortment of chameleons, such as Furcifer wilsii, Calumma parsonii cristifer, Calumma nasuta, and brevicornis. Among the remarkable inhabitants is the distinctive satanic leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus phantasticus), while curious creatures like the renowned giraffe-necked weevil (Trachelophorus giraffae) inhabit the forest’s depths. This community-operated reserve welcomes night-time explorations, inviting participants to seek out lemurs, savor the symphony of frogs, or chance upon slumbering chameleons in the darkness.

In Day 9, concluding our Andasibe sojourn, we ascend towards the highlands and the capital city. This transition affords a striking perspective on the altitude disparities between these two regions. The elevation variance supports a hydroelectric power station along the way, a testament to the region’s resource utilization. Following a journey of 150 kilometers, spanning about 3.5 hours, we arrive back in Antananarivo, our journey’s starting point.

Day 10-14: Berenty & Fort Dauphin

On the present day, we will facilitate your transfer to the domestic terminal, ensuring your smooth transition for your Tsara Dia flight.

Most televised portrayals of Madagascar spotlight Berenty’s ringtailed lemurs, gracefully moving with tails aloft, and the captivating sight of Berenty’s white sifakas as they dance across the terrain or leap between thorn-adorned trees. The de Heaulme family, proprietors of Berenty Estate, established a sisal plantation alongside the Mandrare River in 1936, in collaboration with local clans from the Antandroy tribe. As part of this endeavor, they preserved 1000 hectares of natural forests, which persist as reserves to this day. The largest portion, the 200-hectare Berenty Reserve proper, enshrines a closed-canopy gallery forest inhabited by ancient tamarind trees, drier open scrubland, and the surreal “spiny forest” characteristic of southern Madagascar. This sanctuary harbors six distinct lemur species, the largest colony of Madagascar fruit bats in the southern region, and a diverse assembly of 103 bird species, among which 56 engage in breeding within the reserve. Berenty is a confluence of diverse cultures and societies, where the gallery forest flourished between the current Mandrare River and one of its historical channels, blessed with fertile soil in an arid landscape. This enclave sustains remarkably dense lemur populations, boasting several hundred individuals of each species per square kilometer.

Our expedition embarks on a two-day, one-night odyssey to Berenty Reserve, aimed at unearthing the distinctive fauna and flora of the Southern region. Nestled within a vast sisal plantation, Berenty Reserve occupies a segment of the gallery forest that fringes the Mandare River. Globally renowned for its approachable lemurs, notably the ring-tailed lemurs and Verreaux’s sifakas, the reserve offers a captivating encounter. Evening excursions into the spiny forest unveil the sounds and sights of grey mouse lemurs and whitefooted sportive lemurs, accompanied by an assortment of insects, slumbering birds, and reptiles.

Subsequently, we will commence our journey back to Fort Dauphin, embarking on a scenic three-hour drive encompassing approximately 90 kilometers of dusty terrain.

On the 14th day, we will facilitate your transfer to the domestic terminal, ensuring your seamless transition for your Tsara Dia flight bound for Antananarivo.

Day 15: Departure from Antananarivo

We will send you to the international terminal of Ivato International Airport (TNR), ensuring you reach on schedule for your departure flight. Our best wishes go with you for a safe journey back home.

Workshop Details


US$10799 (double room)
US$960 extra (single room)

Difficulty Level

Easy to moderate, short jungle trekking

Group Size

Maximum 8 people



Full Payment

120 days prior to the workshop starting date.

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Ian Plant

Dr. Kah-Wai Lin


  • Two professional photo guides – Ian Plant & Kah-Wai Lin
  • Airport pickup and transfer
  • All domestic flights with Tsara Dia in economy class.
  • All activities listed in the itinerary
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Our wildlife workshop offers an opportunity to experience and observe wildlife in their natural habitats. However, it’s important to note that wildlife behavior is unpredictable, and encounters cannot be guaranteed. While our experienced guides strive to maximize your chances of observing wildlife, we cannot assure specific sightings.
Participants should understand and accept that wildlife sightings are subject to factors beyond our control, such as weather conditions, animal movements, and environmental changes. We encourage a respectful and responsible approach to wildlife, maintaining a safe distance and adhering to guidelines provided by our guides.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

If you cancel and the workshop greater than 120 days from the start date of the workshop, and the seats does not fill, we will refund you the full amount you have paid, minus a $200 service charge. If you cancel and the workshop within 120 days or less from the start date of the workshop, and the seats does not fill, the fee is non-refundable.

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