Grand Mosque of Shadian, located in Shadian town of the Yunnan Province of China, is the largest mosque in Southeastern China. It was originally built in 1684, after several restorations and reconstructions, the current structure is about 18000 square meters, which is able to hold a capacity of 10000 people at a time. Our photo workshop team was fortunate to photograph this grand mosque and we were welcomed by the very friendly local people who invite us to shot inside the mosque.

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沙甸大清真寺,位于中国云南省沙甸市。始建于康熙二十三年(1684年),是中国西南部最大的清真寺。几个多次的装修和重建,沙甸大清真寺目前面积为 18000平方米,可同时容纳10000人。我们的摄影团队有幸拍摄这宏伟的清真寺,并受到当地人的热情邀请,进入清真寺内拍摄。

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