Update: Rescheduled to 2024

This workshop is co-lead by Denise Ippolito and Kah-Wai Lin. For more information and registration of the workshop, please visit: https://www.deniseippolito.com/workshops/fujian-china-photo-tour

Coastal Farming in Xiapu

Our first stop is Xiapu county, Fujian province, the most charming coastal area of China. Xiapu is located at the northeast part of Fujian province. As a small region along the southeast China coastline, Xiapu nevertheless has the largest mudflat in the country, encompassing 40 square kilometers and more than 400 kilometers of coastline, which is known for its traditional way of life – sea farming and fishing in coastal mudflats. The scenery is constantly changing with tidal movements. It provides abundant photography opportunities for beautiful coastal sunrise/sunset, as well as photographing people collecting seaweed, fish or other offerings by the sea, tendering their nets and cages, etc.