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Michael Choong & Emily Ng

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia – I joined Kah-Wai’s Iceland Winter Workshop with my wife, Emily. This is one of the best photo workshop we’ve ever had – extremely well organized, excellent transportation and guidance, useful hands-on and lecture instruction. The workshop has allowed us to improve our landscape photographic skills in a stunning and challenging environment.

Linda Mao

New York, USA – I went to Kah-Wai’s Iceland Photography Workshop in 2016. Kah-Wai is the best workshop leader I ever met, he arranged everything perfectly. With the right timing and right location, we came back with wonderful pictures and memory. The Photoshop instructions was marvelous, and it is of great beneficial for the rest

Ling Li

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

New Jersey, USA – The Senja/Abisko/Stetind Autumn Northern Light Photography Workshop is over. No, it’s not over yet! The stunning Aurora Borealis, breathtaking Norwegian landscape and fun moments we had were not only recorded on our DSLR sensors, but also in our memory. The trip was well arranged and organized. As a workshop leader, Dr.

Wha Guin Chiu

Kah-Wai Lin Photography

New York, USA – I am very fortunate to participate in Kah-Wai Lin’s Norway Photography Workshop in September 2016. Beside the amazing Norwegian autumn landscape and seascape, we witness the best ever aurora show! What’s an unbelievable experience! I greatly appreciate Kah-Wai’s help throughout the workshop, he took great care of me and everyone, and